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Heritage Tours


Heritage tours are always unique and never to be missed by the travelers. Every heritage tour differs from another. In Puri, be a part of this interesting tour, which will take you to tribal areas, old Puri, Odiya cookery class and ‘Green Riders’ program. You can participate in all the activities at a pocket-friendly price. Travel in and around the city in a cycle rickshaw. In some area, you have to walk a little too. In old Puri, the tribal people of Desia and their lifestyle can be observed. It enhances your knowledge of the local cultural and heritage values of the city. Green Riders program let you experience and learn about the main mode of transport in the region i.e. the cycle rickshaw. Also, you get to know the lifestyle of the riders and their concerns. Depending on the availability of time, you can plan to visit some of the artists and observe their art.